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Welcome to the new and improved site! The site you have come to know and love as the authoritative resource for acoustical construction and acoustic room design has a new look, updated graphics and information as well as all new content intended to help you build a well-isolated, great-sounding facility. The new site has been laid out as follows:


History and background of by Auralex founder, Eric T. Smith.

Chapter 1

Basic overview of acoustic sound control and explanations of technical terms used throughout this site.

Chapter 2

Basic technical information on acoustic sound control products and materials discussed throughout this site.

Chapter 3

Detailed acoustic construction information, explanations and illustrations of floor, wall and ceiling construction.

Chapter 4

Detailed acoustic construction information, explanations and illustrations of specialty items such as doors, windows and a completely updated and expanded section on HVAC noise control.

Chapter 5

A potpourri of information on items such as monitor mounting, specific room designs, and myriad links to other great technical information.

We hope you enjoy this new layout. Starting with this new incarnation of, we will continually be updating graphics and text to always stay current with the latest state-of-the-art trends in acoustical construction and room design. So keep this page bookmarked and, of course, happy reading!!!

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